How to batch export the send-FX only for separate tracks?


I wish to export all tracks to multiple audio tracks (with inserts and pan, no FX). Success!

So far so good. BUT… for each track I also want to export the FX-channel it sends to, with the resulting FX from that particular track ONLY.

I realize I can achieve this by soloing the tracks one by one and do a batch export for the FX seperately, but I’d like to do this for all tracks and leave the computer.

I’ve been trying out the render in place features as well (with has some advantages over Audio Batch export) but nothing that will suite my purpose.

Any suggestions? Thank you very much.


What happens when you select the output of the send fx when exporting in the channel selector?

Only the FX is exported to that channel. But not separate for each track.

Hello, did you find the way around?!

I am looking for an exact answer, all I can think of is…

‘manually’ mute tracks export as many times as…