How to beatmatch in Cubase


I’m using Cubase 6. I have two audio tracks, call them A and B. Suppose the BPM’s for each track are:

track A: BPM=140
track B: BPM = 138

Track A plays first and then track B. I would like to smoothly transition the BPM from A to B. If the BPM’s gradually decline from 140 to 138 over a period of several seconds it’s almost imperceptible. How do you make this BPM transition in Cubase 6?

you could create a tempo track and draw on your tempo change ramp to the required length.

You could try to put Cubase in musical mode and enter the exact BPM for both tracks in the Library.

Hey Dj Synchro. Could you be more specific? Sorry to ask but Im a noob in CB, and have exactly the same problem.

Use the Tempo track features for slowly ramping up or down the tempo )bpm)
Use Musical mode (go into the pool or mediabay and enter the tempo of the track manually , the when the audio is imported it will automatically sync to your desired bpm.)

You have to make sure if you are using complete tracks that you go in & edit the tracks so that they have a specific downbeat starting point. (you have to to this in all DJ/Daws (ableton traktor etc,) you have to tell the program the tempo of the track, and that the track has an accurate clean start point.

Workflow for using cubase to DJ with.

Insert an audio track
Import Full track, then use the audio editor to define a clean downbeat.
enter the track bpm in the audio pool, and activate Musical Mode… or use mediabay.
Again CHECK that you have a clean,crisp clear down beat,as the start point locator!!!. get rid of the crap at the start of the track…oooh once agin check you have the track edited cleanly at the beginning…and did i mention that YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU CLEANLY EDIT THE IMPORTED TRACK AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE TRACK! :smiley: :smiley: (hint taken?)

You can then use the Timewarp tool to beatgrid/timearp each and every beat (bar if your lazy).to prevent phasing becoming an issue. …Yes cubase can be as accurate as Ableton for full tracks,if you put a tiny bit more effort in.
save the track as a Audio Track preset…the you can reuse it for other sets.and drag tracks in all “ready to go”…(and if you go to the bother of using hitpoints & Midi markers on your tracks , you can swing,drift, rebounce & resequence far more easily than in Ableton…while having a far NICER interface and workflow to get creative with.

For studio work, Cubase is great for messing about with mixes & mashups esp, if not straight up plain better in my view than the aforementioned german loop daw. :laughing: but for on stage…I’d be bricking it to do a DJ set live with, (but not impossible I suppose,if using a macbook pro…and I h8 macs :smiling_imp: ) :mrgreen: