How to become a Steinberg Certified Trainer

Hi everyone, I’m a Music Producer, Composer and Mix Engineee from India. I purchased Cubase 11 Pro some months ago. Before that, I was using Studio One 4. Since getting Cubase tho, I’m in love with it. From the UI to the functionalities it comes with, everything is just awesome!
Being a Producer and Engineer, I do teach these subjects to people who are complete freshers and don’t know anything about DAWs, production and mixing & mastering, in general.
Because I’m really loving Cubase, I decided to replace Studio One from my curriculum and instead include Cubase in it.
Though, I then came to know that Cubase owners who are into teaching, can become Steinberg Certified Trainers, which is even better!
Now finally coming on to the question, How do I go about becoming a Steinberg Certified Trainer?
I mailed Steinberg on the mail they’ve mentioned on their webpage:
www . steinberg . net/ education/ teachers/
But it’s been 3 days and there’s no response from their side. If anybody know the procedure to become a Certified Trainer and would be interested to share that, it’d be really helpful.

Thank you in advance!


I’m having the same exact problem.

I emailed twice but also did not get any response. Was anyone more successful? If the ‘certified trainer’ business is not of interest to steinberg they might remove it from their website.

One other thing I have been asking if, as a Cubase Pro owner, I can somehow get access to the other versions of Cubase (e.g., elements, artist) since this would be very convenient if the student uses a different version.



Yes. With Cubase Pro license, you can start lower editions as well.

Thanks, was not aware of that and also never tried…I will give it an go

I’ve always had this problem of trying to email or contact Steinberg from India. Even now I could not get any positive reply to midi sounds not getting auto setup to a general midi song (halion7 default)on cubase 12 pro. I have to do it all manually. :roll_eyes:


Enable the GM Mode in the Options > Edit > PrgChange in the HALion Sonic SE, please.

Hi Martin.
I did do all that. Halion 7 still won’t.
The names of the instruments also load, just the revelant sound instrument won’t
I’ll stit with it next week as this week I’m busy. Will let you know if any positive outcome.
Thanks for your input.


Do you have the needed library available? How does it look like in HALion, could you attach a screenshot, please?