How to become a Steinberg Certified Trainer

Hi everyone, I’m a Music Producer, Composer and Mix Engineee from India. I purchased Cubase 11 Pro some months ago. Before that, I was using Studio One 4. Since getting Cubase tho, I’m in love with it. From the UI to the functionalities it comes with, everything is just awesome!
Being a Producer and Engineer, I do teach these subjects to people who are complete freshers and don’t know anything about DAWs, production and mixing & mastering, in general.
Because I’m really loving Cubase, I decided to replace Studio One from my curriculum and instead include Cubase in it.
Though, I then came to know that Cubase owners who are into teaching, can become Steinberg Certified Trainers, which is even better!
Now finally coming on to the question, How do I go about becoming a Steinberg Certified Trainer?
I mailed Steinberg on the mail they’ve mentioned on their webpage:
www . steinberg . net/ education/ teachers/
But it’s been 3 days and there’s no response from their side. If anybody know the procedure to become a Certified Trainer and would be interested to share that, it’d be really helpful.

Thank you in advance!

I’m having the same exact problem.