How to begin 1-line staff at the middle of a system, above a 5-line staff

Hi everybody, I am new in this forum!
First of all, congratulations for this excellent software, it looks very good at the moment, and highly promising for the future!
By the way, I am doing some trial and error testing, and I have not managed to start a 1-line staff at the middle of a system over a 5-line staff. I would add a kind of 1-line ossia over a piano staff, for example. Ossia is forced to be also a 5-line staff. If I add a new instrument for the same player (let’s say, snare drum and piano), I can’t hide the first part of the snare drum staff (only the second one, after the wanted ossia).
Any ideas about that?
Thank you very much in advanced!

You can’t currently do that, Xavier: Dorico doesn’t provide a means of making the ossia use a different instrument or kind of staff to the main instrument. Can you describe the requirement you’re trying to satisfy a little more, so I can understand what you’re aiming for? It’s not clear to me whether the staff you’re wanting to add really is an ossia, or is meant to be another instrument, or an additional line to show percussive techniques to be played by the player, or what.

Hi Daniel!
Thank you for your fast reply and excellent work!
I would like to show a rhythmical line above the staff to show some combination of bow techniques, for example, the rhythm of a batutto bowing, or the accel./ritard. character of a trill (using fanned beams). It doesn’t matter that it is not an ossia… I have tried to do it with another instrument staff (not ossia), and I have the same problem: I have not managed to start a 1-line staff at the middle of a system over a 5-line staff:

. .1-line staff: -----------------
5-line staf: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I enclose an image with a pair of (simple) examples.
Thank you again!

As far as I know, this is not yet possible. Perhaps once there is a “cut-away score” feature, you’ll be able to use such a feature to do this?

Try “cue” feature. Create new instrument, write the proper rythm and input cue to your 5-line staff instrument. You have to switch on “rhytmic cue”.

Thank you very much, Del_Gesu!
I have tried your solution, but it has the problem that it is always at the same distance from the 5-line staff… I need this rhythms to be at different distances to accommodate other objects below in different situations. I have also tried to use a melodic instrument cue (like Flute), making the ledger lines invisible (shortening them), but I am afraid that ledger line length is not copied to the cue… as far as I have tested.
Finally I have tried to add a second voice and hide ledger lines, but if beams are up, they don’t completely disappear (a little dot for each ledger line can be seen under the notes, see attached image).
Any more ideas, please?