How to best navigate between flows in Write Mode

my project consists of 84 flows.
In Setup Mode I can easily navigate to the flow I want.
If I need to change something I have to change to Write Mode.
Dorico opens exactly the flow I have chosen in Setup Mode - unless something had been selected in Write Mode before. Then Dorico jumps to the selection. I would then have to unselect the selection (by clicking with the mouse onto an empty bit), then change back to Setup Mode, select the right flow again, then change to Write Mode and do my edit.
This can get quite time consuming (and even annoying), if one has to do this procedure more than once…
I know, that I could use the Jump Bar in Write Mode directly - but to identify my flow (I don’t know its number), I would have to go to Setup Mode anyway.
Is there a key combination that would release former selections?

I have set keys for Go to Previous/Next Flow, and in larger works I can tap around pretty well.

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Thanks Ben,
the problem is, in Write Mode I don’t see the titles (galley view is where I am working in), that’s why I go to Setup Mode, where I have a perfect overview and can select a specific flow very fast.
It is just these annoying jumps to last selection that are time-consuming. Because they are constantly reminding me, that I should have deselected them beforehand…

Go to Bar - which is Cmd-G on Mac and presumably Ctrl-G on Windows - shows the titles, I think…

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Once I find a flow in Setup mode, I can double-click on a note to enter Write mode in that flow.
But switching to Setup mode in itself when one is doing so frequently (as in edits late in the process) can also be something of a hassle; so at that point the Jump Bar may be the quickest solution.

⌘D (Ctrl+D on Windows) is for Deselect All. I just checked, and this works even in setup mode, and thus the score stays put when you switch back to write mode.


Thank you Mark,
I just tested it on the computer CMD+D and it works like a charme :slight_smile:
This would have saved me lots of nerves this morning - being on the telephone with the arranger, when we had to do little edits…

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Thank you too, actually! I didn’t think to try this until you brought it up, and it will be quite useful for me as I work on transcribing this musical with 32 numbers.

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Yes, definitely!
:thinking: it leaves me thinking, Dorico could actually “flush” a selection by itself - once the user leaves Write Mode.
Unless the sticky selection is helpful in other circumstances, of course.

I suspect that would be an unpopular move: it’s not possible to filter in Engrave mode, and there are properties that are only available in Engrave.

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That makes sense. I am happy with ⌘D now :+1:t2: