How to best save/backup/install cubase/vst instruments

Hi all

Recently my ssd crashed. On that drive i had windows and cubase. Luckily i had my projects on another drive.
So i went out for a new ssd and have now installed windows and cubase again.

However i am not sure how to best organize this.
I currently have as said windows and cubase on my ssd.
I read somewhere that you should avoid having files read often on the ssd so i installed my vst instruments on another drive.
I also have a backup on my projects folder that is done daily.(or at least when my computer is on.)

I think this is a good setup but I guess the collective knowledge might have some further tips or suggestions how to set it up or perhaps can tell me if I am totally wrong in my thinking about the ssd for example.

Anyway it would be cool to hear how you organize everything.