How to bind midi button for switching mapping pages via MIDI Remote API Script

Hi. Im not big scripter and need your help. Now im writing a script for my device and want to bind a button for switching mapping pages. I can`t find a metod how to make it. Does anyone have a code example of how to bind a button? I will be very grateful.

Hi @Denys_Tikhanov,

you can do that within the Mapping Assistant. Or by scripting you would do something like this:

page1.makeActionBinding(button.mSurfaceValue, page2.mAction.mActivate)
page2.makeActionBinding(button.mSurfaceValue, page1.mAction.mActivate)

Oh. Thank you for solution.

24 October 2022, 11:37:21, by “Jochen Trappe via Steinberg Forums” < >: