how to burn an ISO from MP3 CD content in wavelab?

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I work on Macintosh (Mojave version).
I want to prepare an ISO file of an MP3 CD before sending it to the manufacturer.
I don’t want to burn myself the MP3 CD, I can do that with iTunes, and I don’t want to create a physical media ; only an Iso file.
so, previously, I used to do that in TOAST, but I decided to reduce the number of paid software.
Is there any possibility to do that in Wavelab ? Or Wavelab in conjunction with another free sofware, on Macintosh :question:

Thank you very much to all of you. :slight_smile:
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This begs the question of why would you want to make an audio CD from mp3 quality files? Or are you making a data CD with mp3s for some reason?

In WaveLab Pro you can make a DDP of true CD quality audio (16-bit/44.1k) and send that to the manufacturer.

Sell with a book, we put an MP3 CD with plenty of interviews to illustrate the topic. Audio CD does not have enough space for that. This is the only reason. It is not exactly a “data” CD. It is a so called : “MP3 CD” ; which is, I supposed, a data CD… but a bit special.
My goal is to give an ISO image of my audio montage to the manufacturer, just as you give a DDP for an audio CD.
Am I clear ?
Thanks for you question!

Apparently this is the common method to this on a Mac:

Create a folder with the contents you want on your ISO.

Open Disk Utility and use the New Image from Folder menu item to create an image. Ensure it is uncompressed and use the CD/DVD master option.

In my experience this creates HFS+ masters which are no good in Windows.

Open the Terminal

Assuming your new image is called ~/Desktop/Master.cdr (the file is on your desktop and called Master.cdr) type:

cd ~/Desktop
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o Master.iso Master.cdr
This will create an ISO/Joliet .iso file.

Seems like there should be a way to do all this using a terminal commands only… then you could make shell script to do it.


Or maybe this: