How to buy an older version of Cubase?

my idea is to buy an older version of Cubase Pro, for example 8.5. I just need to save some money and the features of Cubase Pro 8.5 are just ok for me. In future I may always buy update to hte newest version. Can I buy It directly from Steinberg?
I just found this download page: … se_85.html
but I’m not sure if after downloading 10GB of data and instaling it, there will be an option like “Click to buy licence”.


P.S. And also is hard for me to find “Send us your question” or “Live chat with assistant” anywhere at Steinberg website… strange.

Steinberg only sells the latest versions of their products (or in reality a license to run the latest & all earlier versions). Perhaps you can find someone who wants to sell an old version to you. Then there is a process to transfer the license, although I don’t know how that works. And of course buying on the used market you’d want to take care you are not being scammed.

Since the license controls running Cubase and not installing it, downloads for the last few versions are readily available, but they don’t do you any good without a license.

Bottom line you are buying the license to run Cubase not the actual program.

Damn, they could earn some money selling older stuff. Thanx.