How to buy CubasePro10 as a present


I’ve never used Cubase and never will. However, my brother is musician and I want to purchase Cubase10 Pro as a present for him. I live in Sweden and he lives in Ukraine. Will there be any issues with license, software usage or activation etc?

If I pay for the software package with credit card or PayPal will my brother be able to install and activate software in Ukraine?

I heard there are some USB dongles. Will I get that dongle by post? How this works? Are there any potential problems if software is purchased in one country and activated/used in another?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

No, there is no difference. The Activation Code is usable world-wide.

Yes, for Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro you need a USB-eLicenser (USB dongle). This one you will get by post. Or you can buy Cubase Pro in local shop, where you will get the box directly.