How to bypass plugin ONLY for mixdown

Hey guys first post here.
So I use a speaker calibration/correction plugin so everytime I want to export audio mixdown I have to disable it , do the export and then enable it again so it doesnt affect my mix. So my question is. Is there any way I can automatically disable this plugin whenever I do mixdown? But I want it to be enabled while I’m working on the project.

Not as far as i know BUT, why dont you use the control room and insert the calibration plugin in the control room instead? That way it will not affect audio mixdown.

Yes, this is one of the key reasons the Control Room exists - to allow you to apply different processing for the mix and monitoring.

Yes but the problem is that I have cubase 10 elements and there is no control room in the elements edition

Then there is no way to do it automatically.

Well you could use a Group Channel to separate the mix and listening processing. Create a Group Channel, lets call it Mix - switch the routing on everything going to Stereo Out over to this Mix Channel . Now route the output from Mix to Stereo Out. Put your room correction on a Stereo Out Insert and listen to that. But when you use Export Audio don’t select Stereo Out as the audio source. Instead select the Mix Channel you created.

After i make the new group channel and route it correctly i go to the mixdown menu there is only the "stereo out " selection. I cant select the group i created.
stereo out.png

Yes and you should route it to Stereo out. Then insert the calibration plugin on the Stereo out channel so it will affect what you hear.
Then when you need to do audio mixdown you select the group channel instead of the stereo out in the export audio dialogue, that way it will not affect the rendered audio mixdown.

I’m really not sure what you are showing in your pic, it is cropped too close to tell what it is.

In the attached you’d want to uncheck the box next to Stereo Out and check the box next to MIX