how to "call up" a patch on my external synth?

Greetings -

I’m running Cubase 8 on a laptop PC, and have an Access Virus Polar as my external synth.

Is there a way to save a Virus patch on Cubase, and thus call it up from within Cubase?

Here is what I do currently.

  1. record a midi track
  2. manually get a patch up and running on the Virus; for example, RAM A 22.
  3. then, enable an audio track on Cubase and record the Virus RAM A 22 patch by playing back the already recorded midi track.

However, I don’t know how to ‘save’ that Virus patch on Cubase. I need to first call it up on the Virus; I can’t do it from within Cubase.

Is there a way to save the patch on Cubase?

For example, I could have a Cubase midi track entitled “Virus RAM A 22” and Cubase would automatically tell the Virus to go to RAM A 22.

then, the process would look like this:

  1. record a midi track called Virus RAM A 22
  2. enable an audio track, and record via the Virus RAM A 22 patch. I would not have do anything to the Virus; Cubase would tell it to go to patch RAM A 22.

Is this possible?




In general, you can Install a Device from the Devices > MIDI Devices menu. If your MIDI device is in the list, use it. If not, and you are lucky, you can download the template.

Then you can select the Patch Name from the list in the MIDI Track.

If you have no template, you can just send common MIDI Data to call the patch, like Program Change, Bank Select MSB and Bank Select LSB.