How to change a double triplet into a sixtuplet?

Does anyone know how to change a double triplet in sixteenths to a single sixtuplet? Image attached.

I think there’s no quick way to do this. Here’s what I would do:

  1. Activate the caret at the beginning of the bar and switch to another empty voice. Create one if necessary. In this voice create as many sixtuplets as necessary, but only the tuplets, don’t enter any notes. I would just create one sixtuplet, press escape and then R a couple of times.
  2. Select the notes under the triplets (not the triplet numbers!), copy(!) them, paste them into the second voice (the one with the sixtuplets). Paste into Voice from the contextual menu is useful here.
  3. Tidy up your voices: Select the notes and triplet numbers in the first voice, delete them. Select the notes and sixtuplet numbers in the second voice, do Voices, Change Voice, Upstem Voice 1 from the contextual menu.

I hope it helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. Wow. That’s complicated but a great workaround.

:confused: :smiley:
Indeed it is. That was me thinking ‘There is no quick way to do this’, so I invented a beautifully complicated solution. Sorry.
Basically, just make sure that the notes within the triplets (but without the triplet numbers) are stored somewhere, the clipboard or another voice or in your case: another staff. Then delete the bar, create the sixtuplet frames, paste the actual notes into them while your in chord input mode. That’s it.

Daniel, I have come across some weird behavior while I was experimenting with this:

  1. Create two adjacent tuplets that fill up an entire bar.
  2. Delete all the notes (only the notes) inside both tuplets with a single operation.
    The tuplets seem to vanish. No brackets, numbers or signposts are shown.
  3. Activate the caret somewhere where there were tuplets before.
    It turns out that the tuplets are still present although after 2. they can’t be selected even with a bar selection. Pasting any music into the apparently empty bar will show unexpected results.

You say, " paste the actual notes into them while your in chord input mode." Did you mean note input mode?

Thanks, again.

There are some invalidation problems involving tuplets when they are at the very end of the flow, which will be fixed in the forthcoming update. Were these tuplets at the end of the flow, or were they elsewhere?

Nope. These were in the middle.


In my case, yes. Good to know it’s fixed. Thanks, Daniel.

Either note input mode or chord input mode. Selecting a rest and pasting when the caret is not active overwrites the empty sixtuplets unless you’re in chord input mode.

Ah. Good to know. Thanks.