How to change a mistake into a triplet?

I have a score, where the notation is wrong in a lot of places - a dot is missing and the last 3 notes should be a triplet.
Except for re-inputting the whole thing - what is an easy way to transform this:
into this:

Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

Here’s one way:

  1. Engage Insert mode, so that changes you make will ripple onwards and prevent any further notes from being affected.
  2. Select the 16th note at the end of the bar and make it into an 8th note.
  3. Disengage insert mode.
  4. Select the three eighth notes you want to be made into a tuplet.
  5. Type ; to open the tuplet popover, which will be pre-populated with the text 3:2, and hit Return.

Almost there…
But the rest of the bars are pushed an 8-note forward…?
And if I undo all the way back I get this:

switch to Insert mode, select the rest, delete.

I’m concerned that there is no dot on the first eighth note. If you unlock duration of the half note C, that will show what’s going on. Dot the first note before attending to the triplet.

Thank’s Mark, I tried that but it’s more difficult than doing the triplet first.
Anyway - I finished the score, so everything is in order now.

Right now I’m more concerned about undo not working properly…