How to change a project name

Hi Everybody,

My question is, I’ve created and started a project named “C9 Test” when a bought Elements 9 days ago and now is more than a try.
I would like to change the name of the project and the folder too, to let say “My Project”. I’ve already made a “save as” > “My Project” to get the “.cpr” file with the right name but what’s about the folder and the others files in it?? Can I just rename the project folder since I’ve already saved the project with the new name?
I assume that this might be an evidence for most of you but I’ve decided to go further with Cubase and I am learning the way it works.

Thank you very much for your advices.

yes you can make a new folder with any name ,just rename the present folder and then launch the project from the cpr file within that folder . in your previous sessions list try launching the project from the old address and it will not be able to find the files now you can delete that entry .

Ok, thanks for the help!

If you move the folder make sure that you archive the project first to make sure that all your files are actually in that folder. Sometimes importing a file does not always bring that file into the project folder, so some of your files could be in different locations. Trying to find them after the event can be a nightmare.

Menu bar at top > Media > Prepare Archive …Then you can move the folder manually.

Alternatively you can create a backup folder from within Cubase

File > Backup Project > Create a folder where you want it > Name project and you are done.