How to change ALL tracks from Musical Time Base to Linear


How to change ALL tracks from Musical Time Base to Linear

i know that i can disable it from prefrences .

i have lots of tracks in project and now i want to disable musical mode for ALL tracks.

is there any key command ?

kindly help

Hi and welcome,

I’m not 100% sure if this works also for this switcher (and I cannot try it right now)… What about to use QuickLink?

If this doesn’t work, you can try Project Logical Editor.

PLE works, it was added around Cubase 7 I think.
Project Logical Editor
Filter type is/Media type is. Condition/All types
Action Target/Track Operation. Operation/Time Domain. Parameter1/Linear

Add a hot key to it, then it’s just one key press to set everything to Linear.
Parameter 1 can also be set to Toggle instead of Musical or Linear, then the selected Tracks would change their time domain.

Thank you so much, peakae! I use a lot the Score Editor in Cubase, and the fact that now I can quickly toggle between Musical and Linear (on multiple tracks at the same time), helps me to:

  1. Edit the speed of the song, whenever I feel so.
  2. Edit how the rhythm is displayed in the Score Editor, while mantaining the absolute position of MIDI events (notes, etc), also when I feel so.

I was prepairing to write a long post complaining that the “Toggle Time Base Between Musical and Linear” option can’t be found in the Key Commands section of Cubase. Perhaps from now on I should invest more time in the Project Logical Editor.