How to change an instrument with new midi?


I have a full score of an orchestral piece. I need to change the “Cello primi”, which means I must replace the midi file of that section. How can I replace what I have with the new midi file, in a way that it will synch well and remove the old Celli that I don’t want? Thanks.

I now erased the previous line and replaced it with an empty one always in the bass clef, called “Cello primi”. I imported the new midi file but nothing happens, I can’t find it anywhere. Any help^

I believe the easiest way is to create a new instrument, import new MIDI in there, then copy-paste to replace the old notation with the new one.

I did create a new instrument, and I imported the midi, but nothing happens. What steps should I take to import the midi into the new instrument?

A MIDI file will be imported into a new Flow.

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How can I import it into my existing score?

It will be imported as a new flow, and you will have to copy the music to wherever you want it.

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Reluctantly contradicting @benwiggy
You can import your MIDI to an existing flow by selecting the correct destination…

Also, there you can choose to create a new player for this import, or reuse existing players.


Well, I never! :astonished:

Always good to learn something new.