How to change Arranger Event Length

Hi all
Cannot mouse=drag an Arranger Event Track to change length - it sort of appears to but when mouse is released nothing changes
Also cannot Split(3) the Event

Tried the Arranger Editor > Arranger Events but cannot edit Start nor Length
Can mouse-drag the whole event Track forwards/backwards and the Arranger Event Start updates

The only workaround is to delete the Event and start over - name, color, chain etc
This is especially fiddly if an Event needs to be split into smaller Events
The Cubase manual does not mention editing Start or Length

Maybe it’s something obvious but it’s not intuitive
Any solution? Thanks

If you have an arranger track and some events on it it should be possible to make changes to the length of the event A , B, C, etc.
Try on a clean project just to make sure that one is ok.

Thanks Pedro_G for your suggestion - It finally works now
But I did reboot and tried a clean project - still the same
I tried Cubase 11 and then it worked!! (yes, it is possible to have different versions of Cubase installed on the same PC)
But then that affected the licencing - Cubase 12 said “no license found” and quit
Had to run the eLicenser Control Center to fix that
Got there in the end!!