How to change articulations in piano roll

For example I want my strings to play “fingered legato” for the first 5 bars than switch to the “bowed legato” on the 6th bar. I have created an expression map with he correct key switches but I don’t know how to edit them into the playback system as I can’t for the life of me find out where to edit the individual notes to play those articulations

If you want that level of granularity you will need to create your own Playing Techniques (to write in the score) to trigger whatever Playback Techniques you have defined in the Expression Map. The link is made in the Playing Techniques Dialog…

This is a complex area, as there may be interactions with other notations (articulations, slurs etc.)


Dorico is notation software, not a DAW. The idea is that a written notation will change how the sound changes (Just like a real player sees con sord on the page so adds the mute to their instrument). These notations can be hidden if you don’t want to clutter up the visible score…


Thank you so much. I will give what you said a shot