How to change automation to volume of channel fader instead of pre-gain?

I’m mixing a new song in Cubase 12 Pro and I have a group channel called ‘Intro vocals’ which I want to fade in at the start of the song. I added automation, but I can’t see an option to fade the channel fader itself in, I can only see an option to fade in using ‘pre-gain’. Please see attached screenshot. As you can see, there on the ‘Input Filter’ list it has ‘Pre-Gain’, ‘LC-ON’, etc but where is the option to fade in using the channel fader? I only want to fade in the VOLUME of the group track not the PRE-GAIN. Thanks.

Uhm… “volume” at the very top?

But oddly, even if I select ‘Volume’ at the top of the list and it displays ‘Volume’ on the track itself, on the automation track below it says ‘Input Filer - PreGain’. So what is the automation lane actually doing? Is it fading in Volume or Pre-Gain?

Sorry, I missed that this is a “Group track” (right?). On a group track, since you do not have a waveform, the line you see on “the track itself” is the volume / fader automation line. You don’t have to open a lane for it.

I mean, just do this: Put the track into automation write, press play, click/hold/drag the fader down to zero - look at the line on the “track itself”. Did it move?

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Group track? No audio data, just automation… first lane is volume.

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