how to change bar number size


I have changed bar number size from 9 (default) to 12 as follows:

However, the bar number size in score in page view is not changed.
What should I do further to change the bar number size?

Did you change it in Font Styles or Paragraph Styles?

The picture I uploaded is a screenshot of Paragraph Styles

Right. Are bar numbers in your score actually set to use the Bar Numbers (Score) font style?


I have found the reason.
Oh, it is not the problem of Dorico but the problem of my eye…
The font size difference 9 and 12 is not so easily detected in Space size 0.65mm.

I was able to easily detect the font size difference between 8.5 and 9 in Microsoft Word earlier.
I am not sad about getting older, but losing eyesight is surely due to the ageing…

Anyway, thank you for your help. Without your feedback, I was not able to think to compare the size difference between 24 and 9.

I have a different problem with the bar number font: when I invoke Paragraph Styles, the Exit and Cancel fields (or whatever) are off-screen downward. I can select the font I want (Regular Bold) but can’t then apply it. If I pick up the frame with the mouse I can lift it up far enough to see the top lines of the two fields but not the words. If I move the cursor downward, the frame immediately returns to hide all of them. I’ve tried Return, with variable results, none desired, and Escape, which closes the frame without changing anything. Can Exit (with the desired result) be invoked with key strokes?

What screen resolution are you running, kenm? I guess it must be quite small, or you have your display magnification set to a large scale factor. Are you able to increase your display resolution or decrease the display scaling?

1950 X 1080 (recommended) on a 15" laptop screen. It also has Scale and Layout at 150%, and I can change that also.

Perhaps try reducing 150% to 125% for the time being? Hopefully it won’t make the text unusably small.

Thanks for your solution and for still being here for your customers well past the end of most people’s working week.

I changed the scale to 125%, which solved the problem with Paragraph Styles, but both it and the main Dorico menus then had inconveniently small lettering, about 5 point, which I could read only by taking my spectacles off and leaning forward (I am short-sighted). Windows doesn’t offer an intermediate scale, so I shall have to change to 125% for as long as I need it and then return to 150% as soon as possible.

It would be handy for me to see how much of the dialog is cut off when you’re running at 1080p with 150% scale – could you attach a screen grab of the whole display with those settings? Ant and I might be able to come up with a solution in the medium-term.

I am a Dorico 3.1 newbie, generally loving all things Dorico as compared with long struggles with Sibelius. But I am totally confused by the directions in the manual stating that I should change the size of Bar Number Text using Engrave > Font Styles, from which the Bar Number Text item seems to have been removed. The screenshot provided by this user pointed me off in the direction of Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Bar Numbers (parts) and Bar Number (score). The latter seems to work and be redundant with the former, which doesn’t seem to work. So, although I have been successful at changing the bar number size, it would appear that this new mechanism is undocumented? and partially implemented, and references in the manual to Bar Number Text Font are wrong. I am not sure if this is a bug report or a report of my misunderstanding of the use of a program with which I am unfamiliar. Thanks in either case.

Welcome to the forum, tesl_tim. Are you definitely looking at the right version of the documentation? The most recent version is here – note the v3 in the URL. Possibly you were looking at some older documentation? Unfortunately the older docs do come up on Google just as often as the newer docs. We’re working on coming up with a way to highlight on those pages if a newer version is available, but we don’t have a solution for that yet.

Thanks, Daniel. I didn’t find anything in the current manual for “Bar Number Text Size” or “Bar Number Text Font”, so reverted to a Google search which provided the obsolete information. The new implementation is much improved, but unclear why the location moved from Engrave > Font Styles to Paragraph Style. There is a learning curve with Dorico, but right out of the box it is amazingly better than Sibelius in terms of intuitive workflow, feature set, and responsiveness to user questions! A joy to use.

The benefit of bar numbers now being a paragraph style is that it’s possible to have multiple different styles, and use those on a per-layout basis. This makes it easier to have e.g. much larger, bold bar numbers in full scores and not bold, italic bar numbers in parts.

There were already index entries for “size>bar numbers” and “bar numbers>size”, but I’ve added some more keywords relating to “bar number size” to the relevant topics about bar number paragraph styles, which should get them higher up search results when we next publish an update to the latest manual.