How to change Beat Unit in Metronome Marking

Hi, I can’t seem to change the beat unit from the Quarter note to (for instance) Half note in the metronome marking using the properties window. Any suggestions?

At the moment, you can’t do it via the Properties panel, I’m afraid: you have to reinput the tempo, specifying a different unit, e.g. h for a half note (minim), e for eighth (quaver), and so on.

Ah, thank you Daniel. Just set up a new score for double choir in 3/2 and “Adagio = minim 60” and could not understand why I could not change the beat unit as had defaulted to crochet. :smiley:

Yes, but how do you actually do that when the tempo selection comes with a crotchet metronome mark attached?

You’ll have to enter it using the Shift+T popover rather than using the presets in the right-hand panel. So you should type e.g. “Adagio h = 56”, which will produce a metronome mark with a half note (minim). You can also use e.g. “7 = 56” for a half note, as this matches the number you would type on your keyboard to input an actual half note, i.e. 7.

Thank you Daniel, but the Shift + T popover does not always work for me. Following your post I did it first time, but now it won’t. I am doing it in write mode; is that correct procedure?

Sorry about that, but I have discovered that one has to have a note selected first!

More precisely, you have to tell Dorico the rhythmic position you want to create the tempo at. You can do this without selecting a note/rest by showing the caret and positioning it at the correct location.

Thanks so much, was driving myself nuts trying to figure this out.

Is there a way to do that kind of custom markings yet?

Dear Pikeljce,
Not yet… without a workaround.
How about searching the forum? :wink:

Thanks for the answer! Some subjects are harder to search than others due to unfamiliar terminolody…

Dear Pikeljce,
You are absolutely right, I did not mean to be rude. It seems that the search engine inside the forum is not the most accurate or usable one, here’s some clue from the master himself :
Hope it helps !

It’s perhaps worth adding to the original question that in Dorico Pro 2, I CAN change the beat unit for a tempo mark in the Properties panel.

Dear Ben,
You’re absolutely right, and I find it’s a very good addition. I was answering post #10 about tempo modulation (or equivalences, or whatever the english term!)