How to change BPM of imported mp3 song.

Hi all i just bought cubase pro 8.5 and was wondering how do you change the BPM of a track. Im playing a trance track which is 127 BPM i want to make it 138 i use the tempo detect option but im lost after that.

Hi and welcome,

You can change it the same way, as imported WAV file.

Import the file to the project. In the Pool (or in the Info Line of the Project window), enable Musical Mode. Change the tempo of the project. The tempo of the audio will follow.

Please, read about the Musical Mode here on the forum.

Thank you so much!

When I measure the tempo of a song by using Cubase it gives a different result when I use an online tool !
Check out as they can help you check the beats per mintue of any track in the world. I sometimes use their Chrome extension to get the BPm from any stream source using the detector.


What do you mean by “online tool”, please?