How to change color of wave on sample editor

anyone can tell me how to change the wave display color, from black to any other color? Editing on black and white freaks my eyes a lot!

waveforms are displayed BLACK
backgorund: white

Really thanks

Changing the track color will also have an effect on the waveform color in sample editor.

Domilik, I do have all tracks with differente colors but on sample editor they always appears as blak waveform.
Any help?

mine comes up in the colors of the track.

However I do remember that when N5 came out it was all brown…I eventually found out a way to get it to be in color…I tried last night but couldn’t find anymore how I was able to change that…

Play around in the Editing Preferences with event background and default track colors… I seem remember to get something going there…


make shure that Outline Event Data is activated in Preferences>Event Display

Hope this helps.