How to change colors (appearance) in MediaBay?


I suppose changing the desktop cover color in Cubase should change the background color of Mix console and MediaBay when I open it through F5 throughout whole window. But that’s not the case. The color background of MediaBay (and Mixconsole) seems non-changable whatever I do. Am I doing something wrong? Where I can change the color scheme of MediaBay and MixConsole background?


Here’s a screenshot of what I am talking about.

I was told that in Cubase 7 this window’s background was changing by default according to the overall Cubase background. Is this a bug in Cubase 8 or what?

I’m getting the same symptom in the VST instruments window. (not docked) It’s not responding to change and stays default color.

However my MediaBay window is changing. Looks buggy to me.