How to change date and time format in MediaBay to DD.MM.YYYY 24h format?


I’m new in Cubase and just one question, how to change date and time in MediaBay to DD.MM.YYYY 24h format? Why is it always, but always forcing to display AM/PM format of time and date.

Thank you all!

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Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

AFAIK, the only way to change the MediaBay time display format is, actually, to change the General > Language setting in the Preferences window. In my case, changing it to French does the trick, at the expense of the whole UI related items displayed… in french :neutral_face:.

I seems to follow the Windows settings (I did some experimenting …)

Edit: I was wrong, so disregard the above.

It doesn’t, here. The only way I can get a DD/MM/YYYY date view format in Mediebay results list is to set the Preferences > General > Language parameter as French, which works, no matter if Windows 10 Regional Format is set as French or English (USA).

Not in my case … it’s always using the US format m/d/y regardless of my Windows locale setting.

Me three… i yes, it only follows the Cubase Language setting

Do we have any answer to this yet?
I would also like to be able to change this.