how to change default project saving

Hi, when I open C6.5 project in C7 then save it…It saves it back to the same place, is there a way to make C7 save to a different folder and leave the C6.5 project as is please, I know I can save as aC7 project and leave the C6.5 project side by side, I would just like them on a different disc ,cheers, Kevin

Save As

or “backup project” !

Thank you…so does that mean that from then on when I press control s it will save to the same place and never save back to the original 6.5 folder ? cheers, Kevin

same question regarding back up I suppose…

If you open from the new location it will save there.

Thanks…sorry to be such a dick…cheers, Kevin

Ok…save as does not work because it does not save the audio so back up project is the one to use…

Prepare Archive is good to do before Backup if there are files accessed outside the Project Folder.

if you “back up project” then it will save all audio and files as you wish and as it was the last project in cubase it will then as you want open from that project


Yeah…cheers, Kevin

Thats what I do when saving a new track. “Backup Project”, create new folder with name of track, name track, done. This way everything is nice and organized. :slight_smile: