How to change destination map to save projects?

I would like to change the saving map for my projects.
Tried in menu preferences, but couldn’t find :confused:
Maybe one of you will give me the tip …
Thanks! :wink:

Do you mean “File” and “backup project” and then select the new destination?

Now the files are automatically saved on C: (where windows and Cubase is installed).
I want the projects - included audiofiles - installed on D; (the Data disk).
How to change settings so that the project will be automatically saved on D:
Thanks again! :wink:

Rumlee is right but, here are some more details…

Start your projects using the Steinberg Hub.
You can set a “use default location” for projects in the hub. The field is located on the right side near the bottom.

But… using a default location for all projects creates one large folder that contains the information for all of your projects. That will make things messy. So it is suggested that you create a new folder for each new project.

You do this by choosing the “Prompt for project location” option instead of the “Use default location” option in the Steinberg Hub.

Then when you start a new project a box will come up and allow you to choose where the project will be saved and it will also present you with a button to create a “New Folder”. Choose your preferred location then click that button to create a new folder at your preferred location for each new project.

Now each project will be separate and will be much more manageable when it comes to sharing audio files, cleaning out unused files, etc.

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THANKS both of you!!!
Also for your quick answers :smiley: