How to change generated project layout Cmake / VST3 Project Generator

Hi All,

I am a plug-in dev with a background in JUCE development. Though JUCE is nice there many things I like about the VST3 framework with VSTGUI and would like to begin working in the VST3 framework directly.

When generating an XCode project from the VST3_Project_Generator the source code is automatically laid out with “Header” and “Source” groups in XCode.
My question is: how can I customize this organization within the main CMakeLists.txt in the project folder?

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 8.30.10 PM

I prefer to keep my .cpp and .h files together and organize my source files by function “DSP”, “GUI”, etc…
Is this possible?

Also is there a tutorial available for generating new projects directly in CMake and without the project generator?

Thanks a bunch!

Please check the CMake documentation how to do this: source_group — CMake 3.25.0-rc1 Documentation

That worked perfectly, thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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