how to change individual editor window colours


i would like to change the background colour of the midi / piano roll window from dark to white - without changing the dark colour pattern of the sides of the windows… How can I do that ? I went into the user preferences / colours but it only changes ALL the window colours… Thank you for your help !

To clarify, do you mean only change the dark color background for example the left zone in the key editor without effecting the actual key editor background?

I think that is part of the basic user interface color scheme. Be careful, because changing that, changes a lot of other areas such as the project page and mix console pages.

You need to go to the settings - personal color-background editing area. I made myself a light background. Sorry for my english.

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Prefs/User Interface/Custom Colors/Editor Area background, thats what I do here

It’s annoying isn’t it. I am looking for the same. Did you find it in the end?
Unsure as to why Steinberg changed the midi and audio editing backgrounds as it makes it really hard to do things!

Is this still possible to change the background colors of the Piano roll in Cubase 11 ?? I can not find it in preferences

An answer here please? Robsab posted this question a long time ago.

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