How to change instrument (horns) in flows


it is a simple task, but I am confused.

1st movement/flow my horn players are playing Horn in G (no clef)
2nd movement/flow my horn players are playing Horn in C (no clef)
3rd movement/flow my horn players are playing Horn in G (no clef) again

I tried giving the players both instruments and then hiding empty staves in the score.
Basically I am fiddling around at the moment, but especially this must be a simple task and I am overlooking something…

When you give each player both instruments, which is fine, you get one staff for each instr. in Galley view. So, basically, you need to enter you music there on the correct staff.

On the subject of changing instruments, I gave the Trumpet player 2 instruments in Garritan GPO.
Instrument 1 is a normal Bb trumpet on channel 1.
The other is a Muted Bb trumpet on channel 2.
I made sure the the muted trumpet was set to channel 2 and the notes a written on the correct staff in gallery view.
When I play it back, the muted trumpet on channel 2 does not sound.

You could try ‘Play/Load sounds for unassigned instruments’ and then change it back to Aria manually…

You may be running into a bug in 1.0.30 that we’ve fixed for the next update: if you change the routing of an instrument then instruments created after that point don’t have their internal data set up correctly and won’t play back. The workaround for now is to do Apply Default template and then reassign your plugins.