How to change instrument or audio to a channel.

Hi, I bought a template from for Cubase. There are almost 100 channels ready to go however I have a few problems. How do I add an instrument to a selected track without having to create a new one? For example track 3 is my Kick if I want to use spire how do I set that up without having to create another track or if I choose spire how do I change from spire to sylneth1. Also using track 3 as an example the template has been set up as an instrument so if I want to drag and drop a sampled audio kick into the channel it won’t let me. Is there a way to change this? Finally is there a way to use the sample control on a selected track without it automatically adding a new one.


Change the instrument in the inspector:

If the track is an instrument track you can’t drop audio into the timeline. Either create a new audio track if you want to work that way or you can drop the kick into Groove Agent SE or Halion Sonic to use as a midi triggered sample.

You can’t change existing track types. So an audio track can’t change to Sampletrack…I think this is what you’re asking?

Thanks for the help, yea its what i was asking. I just wanted to keep the same channel so i don’t have to re-do all of the processing that’s on the track.