How to change key scale from chromatic to .....?


How can I change the keyboard scale from chromatic into another scale like lydian or cronian, or what it is called…? hehe



If you don’t know what they’re called you really don’t need them.

well, maybe i dont need them, but that is what i want to find out… Thanks for the effort to help me though…

thats funny… you dont have to know the names ,you can just call them 1st mode 2nd mode etc all the way up to 7th mode …anyway don`t worry bout it they are all the same. …i think what you are after is maybe changing the key of the keyboard so you can bang the hell out of the white notes .

Hey buddy, thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:
yes, that is what i am looking for. I tried the AniMoog app on iPad, and you could change the keyb. scale into whatever you wanted. Lydian etc… I was just wondering if you could do the same with Cubase 6. I know the midi plugin “Chorder”, but that is not what I am after, though that is a great alternative! :slight_smile:


i dont know if you can ,ive never tried , but i would have thought you could change the key…look in the manual or you would probably be better googleing the question "how to change key in cubase keyboard "

You can transpose the recorded material in a lot of ways in Cubase, but changing the pianoroll (if that’s what you mean) is kind of pointless, isn’t it???
You may even tho load a sampler with some scaled samples and open that in drum editor, and then setup a keymap for your external keyboard to trigger; that may be in exact the scale you desire.
You can also transpose your external keyboard probaly, and record the analog sound from that.

Otherwise I don’t know what you mean.
Sorry for not being to any help. :frowning:

i think he may mean transpose the key of the keyboard so he can for example transpose up 2 semi tones and all the white notes become the key of D.

Actually the Input Transformer might help. It used to have a default setting for reversing the keys. (useful for drum programming for drummers as it put the keys in a more natural place)
There are a few Transformer experts who probably can give you the settings.
But they’re probably easier to learn than find a tool to do it for you.

That, he can do with the result, after he have recorded, in the keyeditor by:
-Select the notes you want to transpose (ctrl A if you want all of them)
-right click
-select midi
-select transpose setup
-select 2 semitones
4 seconds of work!

You played in C but it sounds D.
The manual is your best friend.

No,i think he dont know how to play the keys so,he want to change all the keys into a certain key/mood.
So,if there’s a song in the key of G minor he can press any key on the keyboard and the notes will be in that scale (Cause the keyboard has been tuned to G minor).
So without some sort of tuning the notes on the keybaord will be C-C#-D-D#-E-E#-F…and so on…
but when tuned to G minor the notes will be G-A-Bb-C-D-Eb-F then repeat 1 octave higher and so on…

Then he should transpose his external keyboard from C to Bb and play in A-minor, it will sound G-minor, and record in G-minor.
Otherwise find something else to do. :neutral_face:

Yes,but then he have to avoid certain keys.
Like if you’re playing in the key of C Major (and you only want notes from the C Major scale) its simple cause you only need to stay away from the black keys.I think he wants to be able to hit any key,even the black keys and still be in C Major…
Its possible to change key/scale after you have recorded something using the Logical Editor.
So you can basically just hit some random keys and then use the Logical Editor to transpose it into a certain key/scale…But its a bit pointless imo,since you dont really know how it will end up sounding.Its better to learn to play and get it right. :slight_smile:


Then he’s making a Modulative sidestep to a parallell key! :wink:

Just setup your key on the toolbar line. Play either only the black or white keys and then move the key.
The modes are only made up from where you start playing all the white keys (Key C ) relative to the key of C. It can get quite involved and limiting as well.
If you don’t know how, keep it simple. If you do you can do anything.

Taken from another topic…

So you can set it up to play certain keys/scales using
Midi Inserts-Tranformer
There’s almost 30 scales in there…

I just gave it a try and had it setup to only play notes from the A Minor scale,it worked but the black keys were only duplicates of the white keys notes before or after.So when i were playing the notes F# and G the F# also sounded like a G…

oh, com´on guys…you can use key scales with the midi plugin called -> “midi modifiers” (!)
(it´s not the transformer :wink:

Yes,thats probably easier but the transformer works the exact same way…