How to change midi tempo?

When I import midi files - recorded at 60bpm - into my project - recorded at 120bpm - import files play X2. This should be easy? No?


Is the Project Tempo set to 60BPM or 120BPM after the import on the Transport Bar, please?

Hi. Thanks. Project tempo is 120bpm. And of course, the imported track is half the length of the project audio and midi tracks. Just needs to stretch out x 2.


Do you want to keep the Project Tempo 120 and play the MIDI in the half-time?

That’s right. My friend played the import from my Cubase mixdown mp3. He heard the track and wrote his chart at 60bpm.


If you just want to change the Tempo from 120 to 60, just double-click the 120 tempo field in the Transport Panel and write the new value (60).

If you want to keep the 120 BPM, select the MIDI Part, open Logical Editor and search for the Half Tempo preset. Apply it.


That’s it! You got it. Thank you, so much!