how to change MIDI voice in Cubase SX once it's sequenced?

I’m having a very frustrating problem. I’ve been working on a midi+audio project. One of the MIDI instruments is supposed to be a Hammond organ and was for a long time. All of a sudden it has changed to a piano!! I opened all my previous saved versions and they ALL have the piano in that section again. I cannot for the life of me find out how or where you change the voice back to organ. Later on in the song at a different section, the organ is back where it’s supposed to be.
But the beginning section have piano.
What gives?!!!

I play the original midi file in audacity and it has the organ. I open the same file in Cubase, and the damn piano sound is still there.
I’m thinking I changed a global midi map setting somehow…anyway, can one of you geniuses out there help me?


Aloha r,

Depending on how they were made
.MID files from 3rd party sources can
have mucho MIDI events buried in them.

Not just MIDI note events but many MIDI ‘Controller’
or ‘Continuous Controller’ or Expression messages may be also present.

In your case obviously there are MIDI ‘Program Change’ messages
in that file that the two apps (Audacity and Cubase)
are reading differently.

This is where the ‘List Editor’ feature can really help.

Use the ‘List Editor’ in Cubase to find/move/change/delete these
MIDI PC messages.

Using the LE
1- first locate and delete all ‘Program Change’ messages in the track then
2-in the very beginning of the MIDI track, insert
a PC message/event that brings up an organ.

As long as there are no other PC events on that track
(or any that are on another track but are on the same MIDI ‘channel’)
your organ will play thru the entire song.

HTH (hope this helps)