How to change Mix Console Color?

I have been able to change the project window colors in preferences, but I am not able to change the mix console main background color. I do not like the black. Any suggestions?

…is anyone else finding the black color of the mixing console a distraction? The gradient helps a bit in the mixer section, but, overall that black is NOT working for me. Oh, and I love Nuendo - this is not meant as a bash.

I prefer gray. I guess I’m a bit not 100% happy about black. Virtually no website that is easy to read has black as a background for example.

yes , grey would be better…and please more contrast between the colors.
I find it really hard to see whether a send is pre or post fader

You guys at Steinberg know we spend many hours in front of our screens. We need to be comfortable in our “DAW world”. The new mix console, with the black and white high contrast colors, is taxing on the eyes. It reminds me of how over-saturated colors in video have a similar effect. I can get used to new/improved functions over time, but I’m worried that staring at this screen will make me like using Nuendo less and less. Not good.

Don’t worry. Nuendo 7 will have new colors again… without asking us… 'cause that’s how we roll y’all…

I agree - when my son was 14 or 15 he made his first web site black (as did some of his friends) - very Goth.

Are you listening

It is much harder working with the all black look.