how to change note input system B vs H


Is there a way to change the note input system from CDEFGA(B)C to use H instead A ?

We don’t use B but H and it gets confusing to use B because i have no accusation to it as with H.

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If you unzip the attached file and copy it into the appropriate location, which is %APPDATA%\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico on Windows and /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico on Mac, then restart Dorico, you should find that you can use H instead of B to input a B (or an H!). (3.57 KB)

How do you set what note to be put in? There’s an editable shortcut in Preferences for note input, but only one. It has a Parameter setting (I think it’s called), but how does it work? I’ve played a bit with it, but so far the only note entry I can get, is a C - no matter how I set the parameter The same question goes for the shortcut setting for Zoom, where there’s also a parameter setting, that I can’t figure out.

Unfortunately you can’t specify shortcuts for the ‘Input Pitch’ command in the UI at the moment: I made the edits directly to the JSON file in a text editor, which is also something you can do if you want to, but beware that JSON is very sensitive to syntax errors, so I would suggest you copy and paste your JSON file into a validator like this one before you attempt to use it in Dorico.

For zoom you should be able to specify the desired zoom level as an integer in the Parameter field.

And this one is also suitable for the octave switches (Alt+Ctrl and Alt+Shift) H, although under Windows.

Jan (3.08 KB)

Thanks, Daniel.
I can’t make the Zoom shortcut work as expected. It seems that no matter the parameter, it will set to 25%.
By the way, there’s a few commands that I can’t set shortcuts for at all. So far I’ve found Toggle Grace Note (mentioned in another thread) and Reset Position (which is shown twice, one of them (I suppose) Reset Clef Position, but not distinguishable in the Preferences Panel). What is Reset Clef Position?
Besides, there are some customizable shortcuts - like Notes Out of Range - that don’t work. Am I right to assume that this is because the feature isn’t implemented yet, but the shortcut possibility is prepared?
I don’t expect you to solve these issues for me right now. I’d just let you know for a future debugging.

On the same topic, I can’t make the function keys F17, F18 and F19 work as hotkeys. Is this deliberate?

Hi Daniel
I tried with the new key commands_de file, but it seems not to work. All key commands are not available anymore.

Found this entry in the json file:
“UI.ToggleDefaultMouseClickTool” : [ “H” ]

Could that be the cause ?

Daniel, do you have the right keyboard language (i.e. ‘German’) chosen in the Key Commands page of Preferences? I forgot that H is already mapped to that command, but you can remove that in the editor by going to UI > Toggle between Hand and Marquee Tool and removing the shortcut mapped there. Check that you do see shortcuts in the menus when you are using the file I provided, e.g. you should see an appropriate shortcut in the Edit menu for Cut or Paste.

Leif, you’re right of course that the zoom parameter doesn’t work properly. For what it’s worth, the forthcoming update will include a Custom Zoom dialog that you can access via Alt+Z that will allow you to get to any arbitrary zoom factor in just a couple of keypresses, so I hope that will be an acceptable substitute.

Reset Clef Position is in the Edit > Clef Position submenu, and it allows you to reset the position of a clef that you have previously chosen to be positioned after grace notes.

Notes Out of Range is not yet implemented, and does not appear in the menus, but for various boring technical reasons it is a little awkward to remove these kinds of commands from the Key Commands editor.

We are reliant on the underlying Qt framework for the handling of extended keys like F17–F19. I will try to remember to look into why these might not be working when I have access to my extended Mac keyboard.

Thanks again. I found out about what Edit > Clef > Reset Position does, but it seems to be intertwined with Edit > Reset Position, which is not the same command, right? In the shortcut editor there are just two "Reset Position"s, and if I change one, the other will change as well (by the way, I have also twice Double Whole Note (or maybe another long note - I’m not by the computer right now).
It seems that I can’t successfully assign a key command for Disable Mouse Input, either. I don’t really care, but you might want to know.
On the other hand, I would LOVE to have a key command for triplet (what the button on the left panel does). Is there any hope for that in a foreseeable future?
The forthcoming update sounds more and more interesting. We can hardly wait!

Just in case anyone else experience the same problem.

Even loading the new keycommands_de file posted in this thread i was unable to see key commands and therefore unable to change/remove the association to “H” for UI.ToggleDefaultMouseClickToo, until i clicked on the “Reset Key Commands” button. After that key commands were loaded and i could remove the UI.ToggleDefaultMouseClickToo set to “H”.

Daniel, basically note input now works with “H” instead of “B”, but in combination to enter it higher (shift+alt) or lower (ctl) on mac i still have to use “B”. “H” does not respond.

I’m not sure why that would be: I did update the Shift+Alt and Ctrl+Alt/Meta shortcuts for octaves above and below as well.