How to change note input system?

Hello there,

I’d like to change note input system and remapping it like in Logic for example:

To be more efficient and hopefully not having to take a MIDI keyboard when traveling with a laptop.
Is it possible?

Thanks by advance!

yes you can do that, but you will lose All one keyboard shortcuts - which are useful to say the least:
Q (for Chord Input)
T (for Tie)
U (for Untie - Scissor tool)
R (for Repeat)
O (for Lock Rhythical value)
… and so on

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S for slur
K for Pitch before Duration
J for Jump Bar
L for Lock Duration
P for Play!

You might find it easier to use the Virtual Piano keyboard to enter pitches. Or you can get something like the Akai LPK25 for very little money.

You can only redefine existing commands, and there aren’t different commands for notes at different octaves (e.g. C4 and c3). There isn’t a single command for C sharp, even.


Thanks a lot guys!
Losing all these existing shortcuts is not a problem since I’ve already remap Dorico to react like my previous (very) customised software. I just wondered if there is a way to have this kind of correspondance between Logic & Dorico. It seems not… :slight_smile:

If you have Logic and Dorico open at the same time, perhaps it is possible to use Logic as the MIDI input, and Logic routes the midi notes it records to Dorico, via a software MIDI bus, which on macOs can be created in the Audio MIDI Setup. Whether Dorico can record or insert while in the app is in the background, I don’t know…