How to change number of staves for percussion

I have a single line stave for a percussion instrument, but want it to be five stave. I fail to see how to do that. Thanks for your help!

Take a look at this page in the Operation Manual.

I found that before but I don’t seem to have that Percussion session option the manual is talking about.

Have you defined your percussion instrument as a percussion kit? A percussion kit can contain only one instrument, but it gives you that flexibility over presentation.

Thank you! That was the problem…

Now I have my instrument as a kit on a five line stave, but Dorico only lets me notate on the middle line. How can I write notes on all lines?

Each instrument in the kit only appears on one line/in one space in the 5-line staff presentation. You could add additional instruments to the kit and spread them across the other lines, but depending on what it is you want to achieve (can you share a screenshot?) it might be simpler to repurpose a pitched instrument and edit its name to change the staff labels.

Oh okay thanks! I have a mark tree and want to notate a gliss. like here: Mark Tree Notation.jpg (1334×1000) (

I have a similar problem with temple blocks, where I also would love to have them in a five line stave as opposed to what doricos standard is: image

As long as they’re all part of a percussion kit, Layout Options > Percussion will allow you to represent them on a five line stave.

Thanks for clarifying, I understand it now for the temple blocks, because they are counted as multiple instruments. But how can I do it if I just have one instrument with different pitches and I want those diferent pitches on different lines. Consider the mark tree example I posted above. Dorico only lets me write on one line if there’s only one instrument in the kit. Please help me out here.

I can get a semblance of what you want using a kit containing two Bell Trees and a Jazz ornament (gliss will not connect the noteheads). I did not attempt to configure it for playback. Admittedly, if I am not creating playback, it would be just as easy to create a silent five-line staff that would allow the gliss.

Thanks Derrek! Since playback is not that important to me, I’d have no issue with a silent five-line stave. Do I just pick a random instrument for that or how is it possible to create a stave without an instrument?

You can’t create a staff that has no instrument at all, so I suggest using whatever instrument you like.