How to change overall level on a heavily automated track

I have a solo track with a lot of moves. Is there a way to adjust the whole track just a couple of db without losing all the fader moves? Thanks mc


Yes, use the Gain from the Pre section in the MixConsole.

I have heard of that but have not been able to find it yet…


Fantastic, gracias!

You could simply adjust the fader of the master section as well. Or run all the tracks into a pre-master group and adjust the fader there.

Which is the better solution, as the input fader also adjusts the level being fed to any processing plugins on that channel. Which might affect comoression level, saturation fx etc.

Good idea. thanks mc

This is if you want to lower the volume of the whole mix, not one track only.

I can just add a vca or group track, no? I realize the master idea is not valid in this case.

Yes, you can add VCA Channel and lower the volume via VCA. This is also another option.

The only problem with using gain is that it’s pre fader and will affect your threshold settings if using a comp,what I do is select all the automation and use the info and mouse wheel down all automation or scale from the lane ,also you can compress by dragging in middle of selected events,top will scale down ,left and right side will slope each side

Yes, this is true.

Actually VCA also controls (emulates) on the input side. Or am I wrong?

VCAs / DCAs control fader levels

@OP Use Trim automation, or simply select all the automation points and change values in the toolbar.