How to change pitch in Cubase 6 LE


I am trying to change the pitch of an imported bit of audio but I am unable to find the transpose option or anything to do with pitch change at all on my Cubase 6 LE. Can anyone help?

I have seen various other recent threads but I am unable to find any of the options we are told to go too?

Is there something extra I am needing to download potentially?


I don’t know, if this is part of LE edition and if this option was in Cubase 6. But in the current version, you can select the AUdio event and Transpose it in the Info Line.

In Cubase 10 pro the transpose appears up top only when you click on the audio file, if yours doesn’t that’s probably one of the many limitations of LE (lite edition).

Thanks for the confirmation. Will have to upgrade at some point.


Do you mean the Audio Event? This is the same in all Cubase versions and editions.

It’s needed to select the Audio Event, to select the one, you want to transpose.

Yes I meant the audio event.


Of course, you can select multiple Audio Events and change the transpose of multiple of them at once.