How to change Play View

Hi all (again),
How can I change Play View from Pianoroll?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, would you like to change the Play Mode view so that you can see the piano roll?
Or would you like to change the view away from piano roll (hide the piano roll)?

I want to hide the pianoroll and have score view, if that is possible.

Does Ctrl/Cmd+2 do the trick? This takes you to Write mode.

(Send a screenshot of what you’ve got, if you like)

I don’t have a Cmd key on my keyboard, and It will not Play in Write mode.

Do you have the alternate Ctrl key that I listed for non-Macs?

The music will certainly play in Write mode. Perhaps we are talking about two different things…

Ok, got it to play in write mode now - wouldn’t before, thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I know, Dorico will even playback when you are in Engrave Mode:
Setup Mode → no playback
Write Mode → playback
Engrave Mode → playback
Play Mode → playback
Print Mode → no playback

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Yes, but is Play Mode mode changeable from Pianoroll to Score ?

@a79hsm7f I am not sure I understand what you are looking for. But in any case you can have the score and piano roll (key editor) being displayed together clicking, in Write mode, on the key editor icon:

Ok, sorry I am not good at explaining myself. I work by importing midis, adding theremin tracks to them and doing any adjustments as needed. When all is done, I use the playback to play along with my theremin, hence needing Score view in PlayBack mode.
Hope this clarifies things :slight_smile:

No. That’s not the function of ‘play’ mode. It’s Dorico’s equivalent of a DAW.

Unless I am misunderstanding your understanding of the program, you don’t need to be in Playback Mode in order to play the score back. As @k_b explained, you can play the score back in several modes, including Write mode, where you will see the score and hear the playback. Just make sure to read the manual about how to play the score back.

And if you need to continue tweaking things using the Play mode, @Christian_R showed how to arrange things.

As suggested above you don’t need to be in Play mode to playback your music:
to view the score you can go in Write mode, and use the playback functionalities:

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: