How to change Repeat Sign appearance

Hi folks, I’ve forgotten where this is. How can I change the repeat sign in the pic to the standard setting, so that the “wings” on top/bottom are not there?
Repeat sign.JPG
I can’t find it in Engraving Options, where I would expect, and searching for “changing appearance of repeat signs” and similar doesn’t answer the question.


It’s in Engraving Options / Barlines / Repeats.

Googling “Dorico repeats wings” finds it for me.

Thanks Rob. It would be logical to find it under Engraving Options > Repeats, I think.
And often, I have trouble searching the manual and on-line help because my search words may be very slightly different from the Dorico terminology. I didn’t think of the word “wings” until I was writing my question!
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You could organize the whole thing differently, but “a repeat” isn’t something you actually write (or engrave) on the page of the score.

What you write is some different bar lines, and possibly some 1st/2nd time endings and some markers like “D.C.”

The Engraving options are organized by the things you actually write, not by what they mean.

I certainly don’t blame the OP on this; this is one of the few instances where I wonder if doubling up where the controls for this option appear would be helpful. (I don’t think they should be moved per se, just doubled.) I realize this goes against the ethos, but it is perfectly natural to think that the controls for the appearance of a structural part of repeats would appear within that sub-section of engraving rules rather than (exclusively) the barlines section. Tantacrul’s comments about bending rules for the sake of user experience come to mind to me here. That said, I DO understand why the controls are currently located where they are and after I made a mental map of where to find them I haven’t had issues, but like the OP this stumped me at first.

A good hint is that you add a repeat barline from the bar/barline icon/popover not the repeat one.