How to change rest to other value?

With the caret active I’m entering notes. On beat 4 I see I have an mistake on beat 3. The eight rest must to be changed to a sixteenth rest.
I can’t get grip on how to change this without deleting notes. Select the rest and press 4 doesn’t work.
Schermafbeelding 2016-10-25 om 10.12.36.png

Have you tried it in insert mode (shortcut: i)?

I have try that, it doesn’t work. I will only change the rest for 1/8 to 1/16.

I think Daniel mentioned that Shift-Alt-Left Arrow will decrease a selected note value. Maybe it also works for rests.

Not in this way.

Ccmp, could you clarify what doesn’t work? With insert mode enabled (check the button on the left side panel is toggled on correctly), select the rest you want to change (outside note input, so no caret visible), then select the duration you want that to be.

Shift-Alt-Left will also decrease the duration of any selected note or rest by the value of the rhythmic grid, which can be seen and changed with the dropdown on the lower left (or with Alt+[ and Alt+] on an english keyboard).

Hi Stefan, the caret was active (I’m in note-input modus). Changing without caret works.
Shift Alt Left works, but I have to do a lot of actions when my rhythmic grid is 1/8 instead of 1/16.

Thanks for those details, that explains the behaviour you see.

In Note Input mode, clicking a duration button on the note input panel will not change any existing note/rest, but it will make sure the next thing you enter will have that duration.

If you need to change the duration of an existing rest while you are in note input mode, then the easiest way would just be to delete the rest, the re-enter it with the new duration. With insert mode enabled, that should be very quick.

Thanks Stefan, I will try it. I give myself two hours a day to teach Dorico. It’s amazing! And the team give’s so much feedback, I’m happy!