How to change Roland synth performances via cubase

Hi, I’ve made a script to show my Roland XP80 patchnames and found a script that also has code to change performances and Rhythm kits. I added part of it to te bottom of my patch script and reset the instrument in device manager but only the Patch names appear in the inspector dropdown not the Performance names. I read that performance change date uses midi channel 16 for Roland instruments so thought I just needed to set up a xp80 instrument track with channel 16 and select the performance name in the pulldown much like a patchname. Similarly I was expecting ‘Rhythm’ kit selection to be similar but associated with midi channel 10. Be grateful if someone can explain how this should work. Many thanks, Simon

[p2, 75, 84, 7] CR-78 Hi-Hats
[mode] Performances
[g1] User (User Group)
[p2, 0, 80, 0] EasternSplit
[p2, 1, 80, 0] Opening Orch
[mode] Rhythm
[g1] User (User Group)
[p2, 0, 80, 0] HouseDrumSet 1
[p2, 1, 80, 0] JazzDrumSet1