How to change Suspended Cymbal playback

I am currently putting handwritten scores into Dorico 3.5 with the aim to create a recording. All the instruments playback automatically using Halion Sonic SE3 fine but for the Suspended cymbal. Is there a word or symbol I should be using in the score to get the instrument to use soft sticks and wire brushes as it only sounds like drum sticks? I am new to the whole midi CC, switches etc and haven’t needed to worry until now as everything just works. I also cannot find any of the percussion symbols (which I used to use in Sibelius) which represent different brushes, sticks etc. I have attached a pdf of the Sus.Cym part as an example. I recently bought the VSL Synchron-ized Special Edition Bundle which I hope to experiment with. One of my jobs is preparing printed editions of hand written scores for publication.
LuckyStarFilmA1998reprint2022-SusCym.pdf (60.1 KB)

Hi Helen. Welcome back to the forum.
IIRC, the playback technique to obtain brushes is Swish, but I doubt the provided sounds will include your suspended cymbal. You’ll probably need an additional library for this. I bought Spitfire Joby Burguess Percussion and created the whole percussion maps, templates, mapped Midi instruments… which is not a little task (and should probably be done by Spitfire people, but hey, I think I would still be waiting with my useless library). It’s available here in the forum.
So make sure your drum sets (if there are) include a Playing technique that triggers the swish playback technique.
VSL should probably include that suspended cymbal. And they do provide playback templates for Dorico so it should be possible to obtain what you’re looking for without too much effort.

Thank you for your response. I’m still on the search for a ‘perfect’ soft stick suspended cymbal sound but after re-assigning the instrument line using VSL (Cyms & Gongs) it now sounds closer to what I imagined. I will look into your percussion suggestions for future projects.

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My favorite suspended cymbal sound is in the default Kontakt factory library in orchestra under orchestral percussion and it is cymbals.nki Works really well.

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