How to change tact during song

Hi all

I feel like this is a totally stupid question, but how do I change the tact during a song? so change the tact at one point in a project from 4/4 to 7/8 or whatever, without it changing the whole song to 7/8.

My research on the web suggested that this could be done with the Tempotrack - however, this doesn’t seem to work with cubase 11 anymore…

I’ll appreciate the tip, shouldn’t be such a big deal, rigth?


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Add Signature Track and create the Signature event. Change the value of it from 4/4 to 7/8.

Thanks Martin! I cannot find the signature track. I only have cubase elements. Is it possible that cubase elements does not have signature tracks?

It does not. See the ‘Composing’ section


I see… Then you have to open the Tempo Track from the Project menu (Ctrl/Cmd + T). On the top of the Tempo area, you can see the Signature line. You can add a new Signature marker here.