How to Change the C/Do Note Input Keycommand Back

Hey Guys,

I accidentally changed the key command of my note input “C” or “Do” to something else but now i want to return it. Is there a way of finding what category note input is without having to reset everything to default?


I suggest you open your user keycommands_fr.json located either in ~/Library /Application support /Steinberg /Dorico 5 / (on mac) or :person_shrugging::scream: (I don’t remember, something with Roaming) on PC, and remove the lines where you have changed that C key destination. Make sure you validate the json once it’s done.

Wow its that complicated…? :flushed:

Okay I’ll give it a go!

Thanks @MarcLarcher

Actually it’s very easy, but you need to make sure you don’t break anything in the process!

You shouldn’t need to that. Just set the binding for C, and you should get a message "Already assigned to that you can click on to nuke the old binding.

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Yes, you’re right. Probably easier!

Tried it, nothing shows. Even tried the other notes, “B”, “E”… nothing.

The dialog shows no command selected, so that won’t do anything. Perhaps you mistook the key assignment field for the search field? (on the left at the top)

Yeah but what do i search for to assign the keys?

It’s tricky to reset that specific key command via the Key Commands page of Preferences, because it’s entered in a special way (you select Input Pitch from the Note Input category and then specify C in the Parameter ‘Pitch’ input field), so you can’t reselect it.

I think the best way to reset it would be to quit Dorico, open the keycommands_en.json file from /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 in a text editor, and find the NoteInput.Pitch?Pitch=C entry in the file, and delete it.

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Thats all i needed! It worked.

Thanks @dspreadbury and everyone else!

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