How to change the chronology of songs when this problem exists? (See my Snapshoot)

Songs : 1,2,3,4,5,6… Where is Number 2?

Thank you for your Help

Good question…but how did you get there? With New Project and 15 times Add Song it doesn’t look like that.

I don’t know at the moment I have 24 Songs that work well but the numbers don’t match anymore. I think to arrive towards 40 Songs.
Should I export the project then re-import it into a new project as with CUBASE Pro, this also allows you to clean up the Rig Folder?

Just moving a Song (and back) should fix this, no?

OK it works with a move only from top to bottom, the list is now correct from Song 1 to Song 23.
Thanks for your help.
I start next week the Videos and the Midi DMX prog…
This Cover Band Software is an awesome Rehearsal and Live tool.

If you still have a faulty project we would be happy to examine it. Just the .vlprj file, no audio files or the like.

OK merci