How to change the color of the cue send volume slider

Prior to 7.02 it was light blue, now it is grey and hard to distinguish between on and off. How can I change it’s color?

In preferences, as always

There is no place I’ve found in preferences to change the color of the send gain slider.
If there is please guide me on where it is.

“Appearance -> colors -> Mixconsole racks” sounds like a good idea…

You’d think that was the place but the only option that seems to apply is the gain option but it does
not affect the send gain color slider.

Just to reiterate, I am talking about the cue gain slider. I’ve tried every option in preferences >mix control racks to no avail

Just to reiterate, I am talking about the cue gain slider.

I´m talking about the cue send fader and about Cubase 7.02
Send colours.jpg

Me too. 7.02. Have you actually tried it? I’m on a PC, windows 7 64 bit.

See my screenshot

same here

Are we talking about the same thing?

Yes that’s it. Weird. Which option are you selecting in preference >mixconsole > colors are you selecting to Change? I’ve tried everything and cannot get it to change. Did you have to reboot before it took?

Well, “Cues” and no, I didn´t have to reboot.

Could have sworn I tried that last night but will try again when I get home. Thanks for your help.
Much appreciated.

Don’t forget to activate cue sends. Then the change will show up as soon as you press “apply” to the cue colour change

Thanks for most of the replies. Since I still cannot resolve my problem, please feel free add any relevent thoughts or suggestions.
Before posting, I have tried the following;

  • enabled cue sends…
  • change color of “cue” within the rack color preferences window…
  • apply this setting
  • hit OK

Still no luck, see attached image… Steinberg moderator please give me your thoughts…



Win7 64, Cubase 7.0.2, GA3, MR816csx, CC121

When you say “enabled cue sends”, have you right clicked a particular cue send and activated it?

Hello BA,

Much thanks for your continued interest. To answer your question, I believe I have.
It’s my understanding that the “lighted” volume slider indicates that the cue send is active.
To substantiate that, I tried your right click method, and I find that the volume slider is lit when active and dimmed when de-activated.
But please, keep making suggestions. My apologies if I’m being dense or slow.
Again, this was immediately apparent after installing the 7.0.2 patch???

Best regards,

Win7 64, Cubase 7.0.2, GA3, MR816csx, CC121, Dell Precision T7400

Can’t see that you’re doing anything daft Charlie. Have a play with the other rack colours and see what happens. They don’t all appear to work as you would expect (on my system anyway) Some are exactly as you would think (e.g. inserts and routing), others confuse me ( pre (filters,gain,phase)) is really odd - the filters pick up the pre preferences colour but the gain picks up the gain colour (lower down the list) and the phase picks up a colour which I can’t identify from the list.
Having said that, the cues does work as expected on mine.

To wrap this up…
Over the weekend I installed 7.0.2 on my MacBook Pro system.
I am now able to change colors via preferences with no issues.
The earlier posted problem appears to lie within my specific Dell system.
Thanks again for the help.


I am dealing with the same color issue and have Windows 7 installed on my Desktop PC from a Dell installation DVD as well. Do not have the problem on my (non-Dell) Windows 7 notebook.


Success at last…
just downloaded the complete 7.0.2 installation file-from download area.
Re-installed and finally the color preferences are behaving.
Thanks to all.